Check out this video to learn more about the vision of Taproot and the impact you can have by hiring us for your landscaping needs.

Taproot Landscaping was founded by Certified Landscape Professional Jacob Snuggs in 2014.


As a Certified Landscape Professional through the University of Georgia with over 10 years of experience, Jacob Snuggs (owner/operator) can provide a level of professionalism that is unmatched. Taproot also provides a direct no middle-man relationship with the customer so that they can rest assured their lawn is in trustworthy hands. With our installation work we provide landscapes that truly fit the desires and needs of the customer. Our genuine hope is to provide beauty and functionality in the landscapes we create, thereby putting the customer at ease and allowing for an authentic relationship built on a shared desire to see beauty with purpose.


Taproot Landscaping is a non-profit company under the leadership of the Common Thread Community. Common Thread sponsors many other small business start-ups. According to their website, Common Thread has “A true desire to labor together in community and to leverage all our gifts and resources for a common cause: the furthering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples of all nations.” All of Taproot’s business and financial decisions are made directly alongside the Common Thread board of directors.


Curious about the name? A taproot is the main or primary root that grows from a seed; as it grows, lateral roots will branch off the taproot. At Taproot Landscaping we believe that Jesus Christ is our central life source and as a result of His life-giving love we are compelled to maintain and create beauty within His world. In the same way that a taproot provides a life source for the beauty and growth of a plant we feel led to acknowledge Jesus as our life source and to give him all the honor and glory as we work to create beauty with purpose.